Ironic Life is the Right Life

Saint Agapi (love in Greek)

With each passing day, life brings uncertainty to our lives, small variations to our daily routine but also at times, major variations that change our lives forever.


With uncertainty comes risk. We always see these major risks as a shock, yet when we overcome these risks, we look back at them as if they were predictable and easily solvable, forgetting all the hard times we faced because of them.


We almost never take hard measures during normal times because they look stupid to people around us, yet if we do take hard measures in preparations for hard times, when hard times arrive and we are prepared (and thrive on them unlike others who mocked us), the ones who mocked us will forget that they thought of us as stupid but rather that they saw it coming (and convince themselves of the lie) and blame their unpreparedness on nature/others/life.


This is life, accept the fact above, and you shall survive and enjoy the occasional satisfaction from thriving on hard times. Thanking God in the process, of course.


People won’t change, even after faced with their failure to respond to hard times. That’s the sad part. However, that’s your role, to help these people out (occasionally), not get personal benefit or award receiving, but so you do your part to God, saving the damned just like he did.


Go on, enjoy life, prepare for hard times during normal times and you’ll enjoy hard times as if they were normal times to you.





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