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Don’t Follow Your Instinct

Head lost in the clouds Life is a maze. You can’t plan the whole thing in advance. I bet you can’t even plan the next step without a big chance of things going in another direction. Now this might irritate you, but it shouldn’t. If everything goes according to plan, then you won’t have the best outcome, you haven’t had it yet. Hence, religions' insistence on appreciating how things are going, for you still don’t know what’s in store.   It all sounds nice so far, but it’s hard to follow. I came to realize that the hardest thing one can do is to control one’s self, especially with all the noise surrounding us. To keep one’s discipline intact throughout the adversity. To embrace change as a habit. To go against one’s instinct when one should. I have been fighting my instinct lately, or to be more specific, in the last year let’s say. Let me tell you something, your instinct is highly correlated with your routine. And, I found out, you can’t live your life to the fullest sticking t