Small Habits, Big World

My favorite habit: coffee drinking and reading 

Time moves but cycles repeat themselves. Only the small details change. But the large details don’t. And nature always prevail.

Amid the hectic details of daily life. It’s hard to find peace of mind. Sometimes we just trust things will fix themselves on their own and we only have to believe so, because that’s essential to our survival. 

However, we need to trigger the stop button every once in a while. I truly believe so. We need to stop ourselves and just fix things and move on. Because habits can make or break us. 

In the past few months I have been focused on my habits in general. Pushing myself to acquire new habits and at the same time breaking old habits and stopping myself from getting into new tempting ones (because I have enough of them already). 

Habits cloud our minds. We sometimes don’t know where we are going but we keep on going, because our habits keep pushing us, regardless of our conscious mind. 

Juggling between small and big countries, I keep wondering how nations, regardless of size, can break their bad habits and how can a country stop itself from acquiring a new bad habit (like borrowing a lot, constant civil fighting, and so on). If I, an individual find it very tiring, how can a nation do it then and is it as hard? 

Conclusion: only time (uncertainty) can fix a nation, and only organically. The system of a nation is always exposed to shocks, these shocks change the habits eventually. But it needs time. And if you don’t want to wait you can change the system in which you live for now. 

Because you can’t change the system. You can expect certain outcomes and prepare for them accordingly. You can add to it a bit here and there but you can’t change it drastically, you need nature for that. 

The more I think about it the more complicated it gets. But the more complicated it gets, I know that the simpler the solution, but the process to reach it isn’t simple at all. I think time for me is what is needed to reach simplicity. 

That’s why I’m taking a break from a few stuff in life to better find more clarity. The timing of the Apostles Fast couldn’t be any better. See you in 9 days. 




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