Human Rights: and Why Some People Don't Deserve Them


An excerpt from an Israeli Official’s thoughts

In every amazing country in the history of the world, none, of course, are as exceptional as Israel, but there are always class systems. It is just the natural order of humankind. You can have first-class citizens, second class citizens, non-citizens and the list goes down and down until you reach the worst species of all, the Palestinians.

Imagine this: you invade a small country at some point in time, being backed by a world power, and its people choose to fight back. They even dare tell you not to take their “Most basic human rights”. On what planet does everyone deserve equal rights? Many of them are already even poor. They don’t deserve the amazing piece of land they live on, and as if this is not already bad enough, they choose violence. We point guns at them, we even shoot at them only most of the times, yet they call us aggressors. Now that I mentioned aggression, in what world does an eight-year-old child throwing rocks at a tank make the situation for our fully armoured, trained and automatic rifles wielding soldiers safe. The boy (and many more) threw a rock at a tank. The only right resolution to this attack is to have five adult conscripted soldiers attack him immediately, arrest him and drag him to our brilliantly questionable prisons. Does his mother collapse, cry hysterically and beg for her son’s life? Slap that savage, danger to society almost human.

I can also add here that taking that boy to prison is for his own good. It saves his life. Going back in time to a few moments before his deadly assault against our tank, we had just demolished his ancient house (it is so old, even our country’s existence is newer) and left him homeless. We only did this because we were peacefully taking what is technically ours, houses are for humans after all, and in the meantime, we get to slowly erase their existence and appropriate their culture. And that boy and his family simply don’t classify as that. But now that he was on the street, what better place could he be in other than our amazing reeducation centres that people sometimes call prisons. In there, he gets exactly what he needs. Food, a soft thing we can call a bed, a shower sometimes (when the smell gets really bad) and even a form of exercise that biased Arab media calls “Violence against children”. Let’s not forget that we also show them the best forms of justice, through court Martials. Children love nothing more than being put through a long and terrorizing court-martial that they cannot even comprehend.

I must add that not all Palestinian children are terrorists like the aforementioned one. Some simply go out to pick seasonal herbs such as “khubayzeh”. They might not be terrorists but their entire existence is a threat to our eyesight. Which makes arresting and terrorizing them completely reasonable.

Moving on to more equally unimportant subjects, such as Gaza. People, first of all, complain about stuffing so many people into a very small piece of land. “An open-air prison” as if, it is the most comfortable place to be. Surrounded by others of your same so-called prisoner status holders; it is like a one big family home. Do you want to learn of another added incentive? We give them fireworks, an amazing method of free entertainment. We bombard Gaza all the time. Do they thank us for this? Of course not. We also help them exercise. Thinking about how small Gaza is and how poor the people in it are, which means they don’t have access to proper sporting facilities, we bomb a few of their houses from time to time. This way they get to grow their team-working skills and become healthier at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best. Now I know what you’re thinking, bombing houses can sometimes kill a few of them. This is our contribution to bringing down the human population. China introduced the one-child policy, we kill a few pests in our great country. A win-win for everyone.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, why we give them such a hard time whenever they want to move from one city to another and even from one village to another. This of course comes to mind because of the basic human right of movement. In this case, it doesn’t apply. Why? You ask. Our whole state is built on the fact that not everyone deserves human rights. They aren’t basic nor free. Does a Palestinian citizen from Gaza need an emergency medical procedure that isn’t available in Gaza? (Only because we blockaded that area and prevented much-needed food, medicine, fuel and various other important supplies from entering) Who cares, he can just die. After all, just because he is dying, he doesn’t deserve to move freely in his own country. Also saying that is blasphemy; you can only leave Gaza by going upwards, to God.

This brings us to 2020 and COVID. We, naturally, prioritized the Israeli parts and supported the hospitals there while consciously ignoring the Palestinian ones. Yes, I know. Their hospitals overflowed and there were a couple of healthcare system disasters here and there. Who cares. They even changed the narrative now to “passive genocide” when we only gave vaccines to Israeli citizens and didn’t even allow the Palestinian government to buy their own or even allow the donated vaccines in through the border. They are beasts, I’m sure they can survive COVID on their own.

Do you want to know what the best incentive about being Israel is? The so-called “United Nations” just watch us and do nothing. They sometimes make a statement here and there that don’t move a fly in Israel. Something is amazing about being backed by a world superpower that unconditionally supports you even when no one else does.

At the end of these democratically liberal analogies, I must say I’m exhausted. Invading another country, stealing its people’s culture, trying to erase their history from existence, keeping up apartheid and dealing with all this resistance takes a lot of energy. And at the end of the day, I’m the villain. It feels lonely in here. The whole world is resentful towards us, how can so many countries be so wrong. But at last, we shall not wane. Our propaganda continues as strongly as ever, our brainwashing of people, including our own, is probably the most successful brainwashing campaign in history. Long live Israel!

-Yazan Goussous


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