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Human Rights: and Why Some People Don't Deserve Them

  An excerpt from an Israeli Official’s thoughts In every amazing country in the history of the world, none, of course, are as exceptional as Israel, but there are always class systems. It is just the natural order of humankind. You can have first-class citizens, second class citizens, non-citizens and the list goes down and down until you reach the worst species of all, the Palestinians. Imagine this: you invade a small country at some point in time, being backed by a world power, and its people choose to fight back. They even dare tell you not to take their “Most basic human rights”. On what planet does everyone deserve equal rights? Many of them are already even poor. They don’t deserve the amazing piece of land they live on, and as if this is not already bad enough, they choose violence. We point guns at them, we even shoot at them only most of the times, yet they call us aggressors. Now that I mentioned aggression, in what world does an eight-year-old child throwing rocks at a